Lundberg Angus        

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You can choose any donor pictured below by clicking on her name under the photo for the most current EPD reports from American Angus. We are continuing to add new genetics and create desirable matches that will fit well into any herd or breeding program. Our goal is to be able to create a handful of strong lines from known and proven farms and ranches and  continue those pedigrees through ET and AI.

            LAF Sister X 1503                                                                          VAN New Design 9320

Chair Rock Sunrise 2171                                                                                                    FF Rita 3B12 of M105 Sunrise

        GAR Predestined N1600                      Goode 5050 New Design 8901                  GAR Predestined 2538

                              GAR Bextor 268                                                                        HCPA Confidence A22  

          FF/SJH 4F20 of 8901 Waylon                                                 Ogeechee GAR Rita 3026G                                            RWA Progress W222