Lundberg Angus        

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LAF is home to proven production female lines. Check out each one on the Donor page for the most current EPD reports.




LAF Sister X 1503 - Full Sister to GAR 100X

VAN New Design 9320

9320 ranks in at least the top 1% or 2% for YW, DOC, CE, $F, $G, $YG and $B

GAR 5050 New Design 1779 - Ingenuity's sister - DDF

GAR Predestined 2538 - Progress' sister DDF

GAR Predestined N1600 - Fusion's sister - DDF

HCPA Confidence A22  - DDF

HCPA Confidence A292 - DDF

GAR Bextor 268 -  Prophets Full Sister - DDF

Goode 5050 New Design 8901 - DDF

FF/SJH 4F20 of 8901 Waylon - DDF

FF Rita 3B12 of M105 Sunrise - DDF

RWA Progress W222 -DDF

Ogeechee GAR Rita 3026G  - DDF

 Chair Rock Sunrise 2171 - DDF

LAF Confidence 0100  1303 - DDF

GAR Daybreak 272 - DDF

Rita 2G14 of 8E3 Game On - DDF



LAF is located in Fort Scott, KS We are a family owned and operated Registered and Commercial Black Angus Farm and dedicated to producing quality beef.


By hand selecting our genetic matches we are able to maximize efficiency with realistic birth weights, superior carcass traits, docility and a sound marketable package. We use embryo transfer and artificial insemination to create the desirable traits sought after in the beef cattle industry. Our ET donors are selected from the top of our registered cow herd with those criteria heavily influenced by proven production, desirable EPD's, pedigree and performance. Being a family owned and operated farm allows us to spend the time necessary to create a calm, docile herd resulting in minimum stress on the cattle and maximizing the efficiency of feeding, breeding and maintaining herd health. 


We look forward to talking to you and your family. Visitors welcome! Please feel free to call or email and check us out on facebook for frequent farm updates. Thank you for your interest in Lundberg Angus Farm!